Tuesday, December 23, 2008

To Pambujan, Samar!

We were supposed to leave on the first hour after Christmas day. However, it was moved—earlier. I’m still not aware of the reason with the sudden change of plans. In any case, bullets in my itinerary that need internet connection have all been done before the 23rd.

Yester’night’, I started packing and I’m still not finished! I’m obviously procrastinating since I’m blogging right now. Haha! I was supposed to pack the laptop but the temptation to defer the activity later on was just too strong—or I’m just being lazy.

The good thing about our province is it’s not in the dinosaur era as others are and its not too civilized as well. I mean, what’s the point of going to the province if you still experience the aroma of city life—the pollution of sorts; air, noise and such. At Pambujan, which is on one of the two huge islands of Visayas – Samar, there’s cellphone connection and electricity but no internet. There’s also a water delivery system but I enjoy using the pump more, for right hand muscle exercise.

I’m a ‘bit’ excited. It’s just simply not the same enthusiasm that me and my cousins would have whenever the hint, or even a joke of going to the province is suddenly uttered by one of our parents.

What I’m worried about are the things I need to accomplish over the Christmas break—I vowed not to waste the vacation. But I think I can safely say that ME resting over the vacation is not exactly a waste of time.

Another thought occurred, I’m a graduating student and also one of my cousins. Let’s just say that I sort of believe in the curse of graduating students getting into, usually fatal, accidents. What’s with the negativity right but hey! I can’t help but think about it.

I’ll be taking careful steps of course.

Setting that notion aside, I intend, with the possibility of not doing it, to write blogs about my trip to Singapore and of course Vigan. And a few more blogs that I have put off.

It’ll be one week before I get to blog again. Or rather update my blog.
Now, back to packing! ^_^

Happy Christmas and Safe New Year!


First Days of Vacation

Here’s a funny story at home—since I’m typing this at Starbucks.

The FEU Advocate had an overnight party on the 20th at a private pool, “Relax”, at Pansol, Laguna. I got home at around 9:30 am. I slept from 10am of the 21st to 5am of the 22nd. My aunt, with a traceable worry and anxiety on her face, shook me awake at around 5:30 pm of the 21st.

“Huy, gising! May sakit ka ba? Nilalagnat ka? Buong araw ka nang tulog ‘ah. Ano ba ginawa mo dun? Bumangon ka na.”

All I remember doing was grunt and shrug her off. I was just too sleepy. I guess the whole semester’s exhaustion finally caught up with me.

The next day during breakfast, I was so hungry. My stomach seems to have a mind of its own as it craved for anything edible. My mom bought 20 pcs. of pan de sal. I started devouring one after the other, but of course I dip it in my coffee first. They weren’t finished with the Sopas, while my bowl was already empty. I didn’t notice that I ate all 20 pan de sals in one seating. But that wasn’t enough to saturate me, I stood up and asked if there was plain mayonnaise.

I started boiling egg, whipping mayo with a bit of ketchup and pepper, washed pechay, chopped tomatoes and fried barbarically skinned potatoes—egg salad. My folks couldn’t stop laughing.

Then my aunt suddenly bursts out,
“Akala naming na-Marky Cielo ka na kahapon eh. Ginigising ka nung tanghali para kumain.. wala. Ginigising ka nung alas tres para mag merienda.. wala pa rin. Tapos mga trenta minutes yata bago ka nagising kahapon eh tapos balik ka rin sa tulog. hindi ka na ginising tuloy nung gabi para kumain”

They laughed… I just ate.


Monday, December 22, 2008

More Processed Meat by Happyslip

Here’s another funny video from HAPPYSLIP. With my Mom, also a former OFW from Saudi, this is a very precise behavior of Filipinos abroad. And the questions that Minnie, Happyslip’s cousin, asks are actually the same questions that me and my cousins ask. This is soooooo funny especially the lyrics.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Book Review: The Tales of Beedle the Bard by JK Rowling

Oh yeah! That’s right, I bought ‘The Tales of Beedle the Bard’ earlier, another in-story book from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Series. Compared to the first in-story publishes, this copy has a hardbound cover and is designed as a fairy tale book is.

Tales of Beedle the Bard contains the primary plot of the Deathly Hallows. This fairytale story made a direct impact in seventh and last installment of Harry Potter. Also, the book’s proceed will be forwarded as a donation similar to Quidditch through the Ages and Fantastic Magical Creatures.

The best thing about it is, every one else is busy with Twilight and Edward Cullen that they overlooked this on the shelves. Okay I admit that I’m not into Twilight, well everyone else is so I guess I’ll just try something else.

Another quality of a Harry Potter book, whether part of the installment or not, you haven’t even started reading it but there’s already a queue for the book.

So anyway, BABASAHIN ko muna siya ngayon. Hahahahaha! ^_^


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Duty Scenes

8am. Medical Ward.

During our duty, there was one patient whose IV line was removed. We received the patient with cotton taped by micropore against the skin at the site where the IV insertion was.
Upon assessment, my group mate asked when the IV was removed. The staff nurses still had the Kardex and the chart so we had to gather endorsement information directly from out patients. Our CI was with her.

Groupmate: Sir mga anong oras po tinanggal yung IV niyo?

Relative: Ay kanina pa ‘yang mga alas kwatro ng medaling araw.

CI: ay ganun po ba sir. Sige po tanggalin na nating ‘tong cottonball hah
(then she directed my classmate to get cottonballs with alcohol)

She remove the tape and the blood-tinged cotton ball and throws it away. Then she proceeded with cleaning the area by using a cottonball with alcohol. She was circling to clean the area.

The patient suddenly asks our CI while she was cleaning the area.

Patient: Ma’am para san po yan?
(He was pertaining to the cleaning of the skin area)

CI: Sir Pampa-gwapo po ‘to pang-dagdag pogi points

(My groupmate suppressed her laughs)

2:3Opm . Medication Area

We were way past our duty schedule. Most of us were done for the day, however, some of our group mates had q1 or every hour vital signs monitoring patient with numerous medications. The problem was that the patients bought the medications at around 1:30 pm so we had no choice but to extend. One of my group mate was the head nurse that day and she was with her staff nurse during the preparation of meds. Our CI was with them too. I was just there disposing a syringe.

Rose: Allan, bilisan mo hah magqquiz pa tayo (it was 30 mins. past the end of our shift)
Allan: (no reaction)
CI: UTANGNALOOB wag ka muna magpaquiz at alas dos na

(All of us laughed while our CI went on)

CI: dyosko anong petsa na magpapaquiz ka pa. umuwi na tayo hah

The next day, same area at around 12:30pm.

Rose, still the head nurse, has a huge pimple beside her nose.

CI: hija, kalian pa ‘yang pimple mo? Kahapon pa ba’yan?
Rose: (surprised that our CI took notice) ay hindi po. Ngayon lang po
CI: ahhh.. akala ko kasi Hospital Acquired Pimple eh.. Nosocomial haha

(I couldn’t stop laughing)

10:30am. Nurse’s Station.
CI: ang kalat niyo sa gamit niyo o. Linisin niyo nga yang table ang gulo-gulo ng mga gamit o
(Everyone clears the table)
Gems: O kaninong ballpen ‘to?
CI: ay! Akin yan!
Gems: Eh eto, kanino? (raises another ballpen)
CI: Ay akin din yan!


A Sigh of Relief

I need to get a hold of my life before it truly gets out of hand. My itinerary seem have gone far ahead of me. I’m trying to cope with almost everything now. I just realized it when one of our new writers asked a question to an editor who relayed her query to me.

Writer: Kung makakapag-extend pa ‘ho kayo gagawin niyo?
Editor: Ay! Tanong mo kay edge.. Edge! Kung makakapag-extend pa daw ba tayo mag-eextend ka?
Edge: Ay ewan ko sa inyo! Basta ako ayoko na! Tatapusin ko lang ‘to!
(both of them laughed)

Truth is, I couldn’t imagine myself without the Advocate. I can’t seem to grasp a concept of me not being in school and not being in the office. One thought that has haunted me since the end of the first semester is the thought of graduating and leaving the organization. I’m dreading the day that my term will expire and I graduate from FEU.

I’ve been warned of the feeling beforehand.

Ate Aubs: ay nako edge, after graduation mas maguguluhan ka pa on what direction your life should take

As for now, I sigh and just do what I can. I haven’t lost the zeal or interest in the org. It did falter when I almost submitted a resignation letter just last month.

I had a weak moment. I went through silent hell – an internal conflict. Let’s just say that I didn’t feel that other members of the org shared the same goal. My resignation letter; still saved in my desktop, addresses my failure as a leader – failure to motivate.

Of course, as most people who knew me too well, I did not submit the letter. I have to make the most out the remaining semester. Yet, I haven’t deleted the file. I don’t know. At the least I came to a point of “don’t think, just do,” which actually works for me.


Whenever I’m on my way home from school, usually around 9 pm after having dinner with other Advocate members, I play back the events of the day. I am now trying to express a feeling in a coded manner but I seem to be squabbling against the keyboard. Let’s just say that you cannot completely close an open door if someone keeps on opening it. But in any case, I was able to arrive at a resolution. Currently, that’s something that I’m holding on to right now.


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