Sunday, June 1, 2008

Love Without Bribery

I have an account in Downelink but I do not login as frequent as I do in Friendster. See, I know only a handful of people who are like me. And those few don’t have an account there. I have this habit of page-jumping and trying to see people with Downelink accounts.
The thing about it is, whenever I browse pages while someone else is looking over my shoulder—usually a girl. They would always gasp, snap their finger and insensitively express their disappointment. There are a lot of homos who are good-looking. Moreover, bisexuals have heightened the physique status quo by beefing up while at the same time wanting a boyfriend with the same attributes. It has become a battle of pecs and biceps. Furthermore, if you try to read their profiles, which I do a lot, most of them have one thing in common. Wait for it.
Living the life of a third sex is never easy. Despite the smile, the laugh and the daily dose of jokes and insults, there’s always that sensitive side innate in any member of the controversial gender. The gender’s reputation is often plagued by lust and seduction. It is usually associated with blow jobs, anals and earthly desires. But sex composes a minute percent of our personality, especially mine (duh). Though this may not hold true for all homosexuals, the same thing goes for heterosexuals.

Socially, those who dare dress in women’s clothing are often laughed at and considered as a walking joke by most people. This is what most of us have learned to live with.
What I find common among members of Downelink, whether gay or lesbian, is that in all their pictures and profiles, they all want one thing—someone who accepts them for who they are for the rest of their long gay lives.
They seek a partner who will understand without judgment, converse without discrimination, share without insult, lust without disgust and love without bribery.


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