Monday, December 24, 2007

How to Get Your Free Christmas Gifts


Sermons in church are often monotonous, but there are priests who deliver funny, lively preaches. And there are sermons which are really creative, like the one I heard last night—Christmas Eve.

The priest started discussing about who will be happy on Christmas Day. He said, the happy people on Christmas aren’t those who completed Misa De Gallo only for a special request. The happy people on Christmas aren’t those who couldn’t attend or complete the Misa de Gallo because of school, work or other priorities. Instead, those who will be truly happy on Christmas Day are those who attend the mass with joy in the coming of the Lord.


He let a parish member tell a story of an Angel. This Angel is Angelito. Angelito stayed behind in Bethlehem while all the other angels returned to heaven. In human form, he opened a sari-sari store. He put up a sign, “Free Christmas Gifts” outside and waited for customers. His store was filled with garapons of mercy, bags of peace, cups of love, bottles of hope and lots of other virtues in different packaging.


A shepherd was his first customer. The shepherd asked for two kilos of peace because he has a lot of enemies and one kilo of mercy because he’s a sinner. What he received on the other hand were seeds. Confused, he asked Angelito.
The angel smiled and said. All of these gifts are gifts you have since birth. These gifts were given by God. You don’t need to ask for them because they were already given to you.
However, no one can be bestowed with full-fledged love. No fruitful peace can be handed over easily. God’s gifts are like seeds. You have to nurture them so they could grow.
God’s greatest gift is Jesus Redeemer. He was destined to die and save us all. On this day He was born from the lowest of men to the highest of kings.

Happy Birthday Jesus Christ and Merry Christmas to all!


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